No Turning Back

Hey folks. Fans. Fans who have known me since the first Recession Music mixtape. People who don’t know me. People who remember when I had a blog called Underground Trini Artiste. People who know Cheese Pie and Pack Juice (shout out Mecasmiastic). My former work peeps from Teleios Systems Ltd. My fellow artiste peeps. Lend me your ears. Status update time.

As of Friday 29th July, I have officially quit my job at one of the best places in the world to work and fully entered the world of entertainment.My 9 to 5 now consists of being a full-time artiste and operating in the capacity of CEO and majority owner of a studio called Future Crab Studios.

How do I feel? Relieved dan. I’ve wanted to do this my whole life, even before I knew what this is. Before I was ever into music like this. Before I started reading 2-3 books a month to prepare me for this. Before I even thought of myself as creative.

As long as I’ve known myself, I’ve wanted to be in a position to impact my country, my region and the world – now I have my wish plus a dash of slight pressure because I’m compelled to do that proficiently in order to earn a meal. It’s fantastic man.

I mean, the hard times haven’t arrived yet and I’m fully aware that running a business eh no piece ah cake as people have advised me but I’m optimistic and prepared to charge full force into the unknown.

I’m not worried though. I have the best team in the world at Future Crab. The. Best. Team. In. The. World. A group of super talented fellas who are like my brothers at Pro Trini; we fight, we argue, we disagree, but we still here and we’re getting it done. And we have big things on the horizon. And I have me. I’ve always bet on myself. Bet big too. Never bigger than this but I’ve always come through.

So yeah, tune into my blog. Who am I? I’m Da Face, the hardest working artiste in Trinidad and Tobago. I’m going to detail my exploits as an entrepreneur and give you a bird’s-eye view into the life of someone committing fully to their dream, entering battle and emerging transformed and victorious.




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