The First Session


Imagine being an active artiste for close to 7 years.Picture being in different studios many, many, (deep breath) many times over that period but always being constrained in terms of time and/or money. Maybe the studio wasn’t open when you wanted to record. Maybe you didn’t like the look of the studio. Even if you did, it still wasn’t not home. Until one day…


It’s like always having to go over to a friend’s house to play nintendo/playstation/xbox and then one day for Christmas you see a brand new ps4 under your Christmas tree. The feeling and excitement in indescribable.

I was reminded this week by a_phake, one of the main Engineer/Producers and another co-owner of Future Crab Studios, that it was around April when we acquired the place and began putting our touches on it. It looked very different around then. Actually it looked something like this:

Look how far we come. Was reflecting on this yesterday. #music #studio #trinidad

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Now… we’re still not finished but it looks a lot better in my humble opinion lol.

Additionally, this week we launched our website which I would very much like you to check out. If you’re an artiste reading this, please join our mailing list which not only keeps you updated on deals in the future but bags you 20% off your first recording with us. And that’s pretty much it for this week. Next week, I’ll probably release what I recorded. Stay tuned. Face out.


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