Music Upon Music

To start off this week, and I want to big up Trini Rap Mix, I want to direct you the video below which I’ll henceforth term “the motto”. This is some inspirational sh*t right here – it made me want to go out and achieve great things and I was one the one giving the advice. Trust me, no artiste can work harder than me. I released three mixtapes in one year… while I had a full time job. I feel like men should be given a headstart tbh.


This week I also spent a lot of time working on personal projects. It began with some good inspiration via the Chromatics show last Saturday. The standouts were Nebula868, Chromatics of course and a new artiste that I’m quickly becoming a fan of…Rapscallion.


What can I say? I'm a fan #rapscallion #backinthebox

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Disko Pigg, super Engineer and Producer out of Future Crab Studios also found time to do some shredding with his band Sidekick Envy on Saturday.

@a_phake aka Disko Pigg tearing up in Shakers

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Next up was Monday. My group Pro Trini unleashed a lyrical onslaught called “Caraille Salad“. Check out the full video below.


Saturday also marked the first Pro Trini session in Future Crab Studios. The second one was Tuesday where this epic tune appeared. Expect to hear it in the future.

And what’s up for today? Well I’m shooting an in-studio video for my version of Chromatics’ awesome tune “Bitter”. My version reallllll hard, you can quote me on that. If you remember, last week I said I was going to release it this week but things changed a bit as we decided to up the ante and add some visuals. But trust me, the visuals along with the song WILL be released next week. Come next week, we real #bitter.

And that’s a week in the life of the hardest working Trinidad artiste. Well part of it because your boy works on songs like every single day. Hopefully I’ll be able to show some of those sessions in the future. Till then, Face out.


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