Bitter Sweet – a week in the life of the hardest working Trinidad artiste


What does a typical day in the life of the hardest working Trinidad artiste look like?

  • Get up early if I didn’t work late in studio the night before and get various studio related tasks done.
  • Eat breakfast and get ready to leave with wifey and head to gym.
  • Gym for like an hour and half. Some urgent messages and social media tasks may get done there as well.
  • Reach home like 10:30am and complete mainly social media and marketing tasks till close to 12pm.
  • Have lunch while watching some YouTube.
  • Around 1:30pm deal with Da Face artiste related tasks.
  • I usually would start with some exercises that improves my overall skills as a rapper for an hour.
  • After that I would work on some songs. I’m working on a personal project as well as a Pro Trini project so I interchange between the two depending on the day.
  • This is done till wifey reaches home and we eat and chill out and watch some tv.
  • If I have a client meeting or studio session I’ll probably head down to the Crab around 6 or 7 to return around 9 or 10.
  • Have a nice sleep and rinse repeat.
  • This routine would change if I have a client session or meeting before 5-6pm.

This week was no different. There were some highlights and not so highs.

I attended the album launch of Director’s Cut 2 the second album in two years from Micwise a very hard Trinidad rapper. The vibes was nice and I even got to bless the mic.


Alas, my performance wasn’t up the benchmarks I set for myself. It was ok but as the hardest working Trinidad artiste I know I have more work to do. So next week I’ll be doing plenty some work on that 😦

We had some client meetings as well. One opportunity is with a company called Alternative Concepts. We had a very nice meeting Independence Day and it’s possible that some great things are available on the horizon.

And yet again, Pro Trini was in the studio causing trouble. We basically wrapped up three songs last night. This album is definitely not going to be what you all expect. But it’s going to be everything you hope for #saysummeragain


And last but not by any stretch least, today I release the video for my version of “Bitter”.

Chromatics came very hard on the original so I had bring my ‘A’ game to match on my version. DLL mixed some concrete in the beat so the pressure was on. But in the end I nailed it. Pure shellments. Check out the video below. Face out.


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