Big Audacious Goal – 1000 true fans


When it comes to my music there are now two periods- before I acquired my own studio or “Before Studio” and “After Studio”.

I had one album “Before Studio” but other than that all my other music was for mixtapes and consequently mixtape quality. In the new era of “After Studio” everything starting with Bitter Politics going forward will be fully mixed and mastered to the highest quality. “Before Studio” I only had one album which was created after almost a year and a half of saving. “After Studio” there will be many albums starting with an EP scheduled to drop right after Carnival.

Now this is not to say that I didn’t have fans “Before Studio”. I had many. Hundreds of people bought my mixtapes and albums. Hundreds downloaded the free mixtapes during the “Keep It Trini” days. Thousands watched my videos before and after the behemoth that has become “Cheese Pie and Pack Juice” (big up Mecasmiastic). And I had many true fans too. People who would acquire my music free and still meet up with me and pay for it. People who would buy tickets for shows even though they couldn’t attend.  People bought my first mixtape “Recession Music” and some have been still listening ever since.

However, in the era of “After Studio” I feel like I’m in a position to treat the long time fans right as well as pull in fans who may have been on the fence. I’m in a position to be the artiste the earliest fans hope I’d be and the one the haters hoped I’d never be.

My goal is to never stop working until I can amass one thousand of you. And after that, continue working lol.

Who am I?

My identity is Da Face, artiste/CEO and my goal is to provide inspiration and independence. I endorse working hard – I think working smart is a by product of working hard, and I exude chasing ones dreams against all odds. I’m not just talking it either, I quit my permanent job to acquire a studio and be an artiste. If those themes resonate with you then you will probably like my music in the “After Studio” era and will hopefully graduate to being a true fan of Da Face.

Well for the true fans, I’m creating a club of sorts (let’s not officially call it that though). Let’s say it’s like a fan VIP. To enter it costs $20US a year. And here’s what you get –

  • Early access to singles
  • Early access to purchase albums
  • 10% discount on tickets to any Da Face shows
  • Preferential access to album listening sessions
  • Early and exclusive access to merchandise
  • Access to free giveaways

If you’re already a true fan you’re probably wondering “how do I pay?”. Well, I have prepared a collection of some my best loved songs from my fans over the years. All you have to do is purchase it for $20US, then send me a message or email me at and we’ll take it from there. If you’re not ready to become a true fan yet you can take in the music and then make a decision. If you still feel you’re not convinced, that’s fine too. Don’t worry, over the next few releases I’m confident I can convince you.

So take in my music below and make a decision. If you’re not ready to join that’s fine. If you are, share it with someone and let’s get closer to 1000. Within the next 5 days you probably won’t get a response from me because I’m doing LASEK eye surgery but after that I’m back in the game. Till then, Face out.


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