LASEK Eye Surgery

Last week your boy was on a lows for a bit. I was doing a second round of LASEK Eye Surgery.

For those of you that may not know, LASEK eye surgery is a form of corrective surgery. Short explanation, they use a laser to modify the shape of your eye ball and voila, no more glasses. LASIK is a less painful form of corrective surgery. You can drive home after and by the next day you can see, no pain. LASEK in contrast pains like hell two days after and requires months before your vision is optimal.

Because I’m extremely blind aka very shortsighted I had no choice but to go the LASEK route. I did it earlier this year but I’m still a bit shortsighted in one eye so I went back for some enhancements.

The procedure for LASEK goes like this in layman’s terms:

  1. They use alcohol to remove some layer of your eye.
  2. They apply a clamp to keep it open.
  3. They put some protective ting a mah jig over your eye
  4. They nuke it with the laser
  5. The remove the protective thing and replace the layer they removed
  6. They remove the clamp and put a contact in your eye as a bandage

It doesn’t hurt at all but the fact that people are operating on your eye and lasering it while you’re away f*cks with you. I’m apparently a kinda bad patient because I don’t keep my eyes still as much as I should though I try with every fibre in my being. It’s hard man.

Once that’s done you NEED someone to drive you home. Then the pain starts. A mix between the burning sensation of cutting an onion and the feeling of a stone-line object being in your eyes. Painkillers are a necessity.I’d put it as a 7 out of 10 on the pain threshold. This lasts like 24 – 36 hours generally.

After that your vision gradually returns. It takes about 2 weeks for it to normalize effectively. It takes months for slight double vision, blurring and slight night blindness to dissipate. Could be up to a year.

As a true supporter of local I did it in Laser Vision in Valsayn. It’s very expensive. Like past 20K. The staff is nice and the doctor is experienced. Dr Mahabir is a cool one. However like with anything, do your research online and come prepared. It’s your eyes so don’t leave anything to chance.

Yeah so that was the scn with me. I was down for like four days. When my sight came back enough I dropped the video below. Till next week. Face out.



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