Challenge Fridays

Well let me get this out of the way one time. This week’s blog can’t really compete with  last week’s. I mean, last week I had frickin LASEK eye surgery. I know right? This week  the biggest story is that Future Crab Studios got a new mic, that sounds fantastic. Actually..

Oh man, this microphone is definitely the marrying kind. Beauty both in and out.

And trust me, we done wrapped up songzzzz on it already. They coming..

But getting to the point of this post, I’m going to be dropping a new challenge every Friday. Every. Friday.

Essentially I’m going to pick a current topic, pick some current beat, drop some lyrics and put up the video on Instagram. Why? I need to get some more reps in. Yeah I have an EP on the way dropping after Carnival. Yeah I’m working on a new Pro Trini project with two singles coming out next month. But what am I doing week to week? Nah mean? Ha to feed the people. The hardest working artiste isn’t working hard enough imo. This stops today * cue dramatic music.

The new one dealing with the President and the wine fiasco out below. Face out.



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