Life is like Gym, Gym is like Life

So before I start this week there is one thing I want you all to do.

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So yeah I’ve been gyming for going on four months now. I’ve lost 13 pounds since I started. It would have been more but I went Tobago to the Magdalena Grand for a few days and ate back 8 pounds. Sadness. Those breakfast buffets are the worst (best). I really like gym though. It helps me to focus and has taught me a lot of skills which I apply to my work at Future Crab Studios.

  1. Use of motivation – I’ve realised that the key to losing weight and achieving gains is heavily dependent on your motivation. Yeah there’s diet and exercise and of course you must be consistent but the “why” determines whether you will reach you goal and how quickly you’ll reach it. Why are you doing it? What’s the soul searching reason? It might sound weird but it isn’t. I used to be in the gym sporadically before with minimal results. Now I see gym as an essential part of my artiste development and the results since then have been significant. Same with your work or your passion. “Making money” is a very poor motivating factor. If you read the biographies of any billionaire “money” usually isn’t in their top 3 motivating factors. Purpose drives everything.
  2. Clearly defined goals – When I was in the gym before, my goal was to get “fit”. I would lose 5 pounds, gain back 2, lose 1, gain 3 with the net effect of me being the same weight just a tad firmer. Now, I have a target weight and I know exactly what body type I’m going for. I also have a detailed program for all my muscle groups. And consequently I’m getting better results. Same with life’s goals. Don’t say “I want to be rich”. Say “I want to make $x a year by the year x and this is my step by step plan.
  3. No excuses – Ever so often in the gym you hit a plateau. It’s tempting to say, that’s just my body type. I tired. I don’t have any more time. I’m big boned. Similar thoughts were being whispered to me until I decided you know what?  I’m just going to eat less and gym harder. And eventually that worked. In life there may be people smarter than you, better looking, more affluent, taller etc but one thing you can control is how hard you work. Don’t let excuses hold you back. Just go for it and don’t stop until you get it.
  4. Don’t give up – When you hit that plateau just keep going. When you feel like not going gym just go. Show up. Not everyday will be a personal best. But showing up is half the battle. I never thought I would own a studio but I never gave up on music. That one probably isn’t fair because I tried to give up music and I realised that I couldn’t but yeah. To add to this I guess you should pursue your passion. Pursue something that you can’t give up on. But even with your passion there are days when you question yourself. Whether you’re good enough or should even be doing it. Let the questions flow but keep going.
  5. Enjoy yourself – If you don’t enjoy yourself in the gym you’ll stop going. Make sure and tailor your exercise around your personality and what drives you. I like to meet and surpass benchmarks so I set challenges for myself. To run faster, lift more, rest for less time. There are many ways to develop any body part so do the exercises you like. Same with life. Do what you enjoy. To succeed you need to spend REAL time so you might as well enjoy it.

And that’s it. Did I mention you should subscribe to the mailing list? Till next week. Face out.



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