Far Back Fridays – Insight on my videos pt 1

This week I’m going to take you all through memory lane. To paraphrase our honourable President – the videos you think I do not have… I have.

The original one. My first good video. Shot by Aaron “Tiny” Richards. I sold at least 200 cds off the strength of this song. The song still doing things too. I mash up UWI just last week with it. Timeless.

Big collab with a few of my trini rapping brethren. Highly rated song at the time. Lyrics for days. Now realise this cross 1000 views. Good stuff. First video Justyn aka Synod aka Hollywood shot with good equipment. A new level for both of us.

What more to say? 140,000 views and counting. Before this video Justyn told me that we had to up our game and finally get a video playing on Synergy. Lol. In my humble opinion I believe we surpassed that goal. Haters will hate but the secondary school still rate. Can’t beat realness.

Spent whole day in a maxi shooting this. Very tiring. This should have done better. Ah well.

I feel like I should have made a less “kicksy” video for this song. Still one of the best song concepts I’ve ever come up with. Trapstar and Wanke killed their verses too.

And this is just pt 1. Face out.


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