The Top Five Bunji Songs


Before I start, take a moment to properly take in the image above. Yes, that’s an old picture of Bunji. With hair. That pic is quite similar to this list, I don’t think there is any song here where Bunji is rocking a Colfire. Newbie Bunji fans who think “Differentology” is the best Bunji ever (btw, eff you guys), get prepared to start googling some of these tunes. Day one Bunji fans who remember when he used to rock all green down to the shoes done know what I talking about. So without further ado, and in no particular order


The story behind this song is that Army Fete didn’t want to hire him to perform for whatever reason. He clapped back with the thunder of Thor in this song letting them know in no uncertain terms that he could perform in “any fete”. The beat is pure perfection and it was one of the standouts of a brief period where fete audiences actually tuned in to lyrics. Bunji rarely ever performs this for some strange reason. Sigh.


I admit bias for this one so I go take any licks I get. But. This is probably my favourite Bunji song so that has to count for something right? In the ragga soca era, the Couvoursier riddim was one of the hardest and this was the hardest on the riddim. So yeah, that’s my best explanation.


“We doh watch face, only waist”. That’s it. What you want again?


Technically this isn’t a Bunji song. It’s really a feature on a track by the late great Onika Bostic. However, Bunji’s verse on this song was crafted by dwarves in the fires of Mordor and probably should be kept in the Trinidad museum for safekeeping so yeah..


Ok so ah lie, there is one ‘after ras’ Bunji on this list. But only because it was the perfect mix of an EDM vibes and the Bunji we expect. A soca banger through and through. This one had jouvert tun up the season it came out.


I guess you can say Differentology. But I find that song highly overrated so is with real grudge and toting I place it here. Lie with Singing Sandra was a lyrical feast. Mother and Wife applicable now with the crime situation plus it’s another favourite of mine. Snake oil was one of the first Bunji designed for the gyal dem and it sell off. And I’ll end it off with a real gem, a lyrical masterpiece and a song that hits me in the feels every time. Zion Gates is a very underrated one.

And daz it dey – as trinis would say. As usual, let me know your picks in the comments whether here or on social media. Face out.


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