Moving Different

I haven’t posted for this year so I’m sure many of you are wondering what is going on with Trinidad’s hardest working artiste. Is he (gasp) taking a vacation? Maybe he said fire for the whole thing and went back and pull a 9 to 5.

Well you’re halfway right.

First off, I could never say fire for music. I made that decision a few months before I left my previous job. Music is me, I am music. And I AM working harder than ever. Future Crab Studios has been on display more than ever but besides studio work which is going great, I’m working hard on my music and I have a lot of it to release within the coming months.

But I did go back and pull a 9 to 5. Right now I work in Chaguanas close to the studio and it’s great. I’m able to effectively balance both and the steady income is a blessing.

Why you may ask?

Well, doing music is expensive even when you own your own studio. Marketing, promotion all that. The studio is doing great but to do my music the way I want to do it and to promote it on the scale I want to promote it, I need to put things in place financially. And with those things in place I have been chipping away at a masterpiece, working diligently until the dream is fully realised.

And for some truly great news.

I have an upcoming show at Kaiso Blues on Thursday 4th May called “Moving Different“. It will be me and an awesome cast of artistes. Headlining will be Deandra Rapscallion, an upcoming female artiste who keeps it trini and can freestyle with the best of them. I really see her reaching far once she sticks with it. There is my brother Daniel Hamilton an upcoming Soca/RnB star who you will be hearing about in a big way by the end of the year (I kid you not). There is Pro Trini, an awesome group of rappers comprising of Mecasmiastic (Cheese Pie and Pack Juice), Enginear (Kaiflo) and Frost Blaze who sets flames to any mic he touches. And lastly you have Da Face, the hardest working artiste with some new songs for your head top #yuhknow.

There will be some truly interesting things about the show. I plan to start with a session of local music. For want of a better word, it will be different. Get your tickets and come out. There will be merch available too. Face out.



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