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Da Face is THE hardest working artiste in the sweet island of Trinidad and Tobago. A graduate of the University of West Indies (UWI) with a degree in Computer Science and Management, Da Face has navigated a ten year career in Software Development while doing music on the side into a full time commitment to his passion and becoming the joint Founder and CEO of Future Crab Studios and a prominent Rapso artiste.

As an artiste, Da Face has released several projects: one solo album about life in his alma mater UWI, five solo mixtapes which include a trilogy called “Keep It Trini”, two joint mixtapes with a group called “Mecasmiastic Ent” which spawned hits such as “Cheese Pie and Pack Juice“, “From Ah Island’ and “Nobody On You” and a joint album with another hip hop artiste “Enginear” called “Kaiflo” which is a unique and scintillating fusion of Hip Hop and Kaiso. . He also has many videos on Youtube which have garnered hundreds of thousands of views which you can check out to get a visual on Da Face.

Currently Da Face is readying his new album “Mogul Music” due to be released in the first half of 2018. This album will contain ten tracks and is built around the concept of an artiste taking control of his destiny without depending on external influences. This concept closely mirrors the journey of Da Face and his current state where he has his own studio and has enjoyed deeper control of the recording, production and engineering process. With a marketing plan already developed and singles on the way, Da Face is optimistic that the next milestone for his music career is in reach.


Email: davidbchamilton@gmail.com

Call: 868-766-3443



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