Moving Different pt 2 (feat Cynx)

The first show with Deandra Rapscallion was awesome and somewhat surprisingly a lot of you all turned up. Every guest I spoke to after only had good things to say and we look to continue that  trend with the next one tomorrow. Tomorrow night, the big featured guest is Cyn-x of course led by Rheon... Continue Reading →


Moving Different

I haven't posted for this year so I'm sure many of you are wondering what is going on with Trinidad's hardest working artiste. Is he (gasp) taking a vacation? Maybe he said fire for the whole thing and went back and pull a 9 to 5. Well you're halfway right. First off, I could never... Continue Reading →

Mogul Music

I was up early this morning making sure all the files are in order. Sooooo, without further ado. Check out my mixtape below. If you want to download the tracks and listen offline daz no scn either. And remember, my EP is coming out in 2017 with full bells and whistles, videos, shows etc so stay... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Excuses

I read some posts some weeks regarding 'privilege' and for sure it does exist. Everyone does not start the race in the starting blocks. Some start near the finishing line. Some start way behind the starting line near the wall. Unlike a real race, almost no one starts in the same spot. However, that is... Continue Reading →

The Top Five Bunji Songs

Before I start, take a moment to properly take in the image above. Yes, that's an old picture of Bunji. With hair. That pic is quite similar to this list, I don't think there is any song here where Bunji is rocking a Colfire. Newbie Bunji fans who think "Differentology" is the best Bunji ever... Continue Reading →

The Top Five Machel Montano Songs

So this week will be another departure again. We getting some Carnival business in the Future Crab Studios and that's a good thing but it also signifies that the season is here. As you may not know, even though I'm one of the hardest Trinidad rappers, I do enjoy soca and actually listen to it quite often i.e. not just around... Continue Reading →

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